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Accelerate Your Design Process with GstarCAD Mechanical 2023

GstarCAD Mechanical 2023 introduces several new features and enhancements to improve design efficiency for mechanical engineers. See below to know some of the notable additions in this release:

What’s new in GstarCAD Mechanical 2023?

Power Snap

GstarCAD Mechanical 2023 introduces Power Snaps, which allow designers to specify precise locations for objects. This feature enables users to save preset Snaps to meet various needs and switch between them in the middle of a command. Power Snap helps streamline the design process by offering more control and accuracy in object placement.

Easy Import & Export of BOM/Part List

GstarCAD Mechanical 2023 introduces a convenient feature that simplifies the import and export of BOMs and Part Lists. With this new functionality, users can easily import and export BOMs and Part Lists in various formats, including *.xls, *.txt, *.csv, and more.

Take your Dimensioning and Annotation to the next level!

Dimensioning Tools

GstarCAD Mechanical 2023 elevates dimensioning and annotation with advanced tools. It simplifies dimensioning by incorporating manufacturing-related variables and seamlessly integrates tolerance and fit list information. These enhancements empower designers to create accurate and comprehensive dimensioning, facilitating clearer communication and ensuring precise manufacturing specifications.

Symbols Annotation

GstarCAD Mechanical 2023 saves time on annotation with over 11 symbol types, including surface texture, feature control frame, welding symbol, and more. Users can add newly created symbols to the library, further expanding the available options. This feature enhances productivity and streamlines the annotation process for mechanical designers.

In conclusion, explore a wide range of additional features and experience the benefits of GstarCAD Mechanical 2023 by starting your free trial today! Explore advanced tools for dimensioning, annotation with various symbols, easy import/export of BOMs/Part Lists, and more. Streamline your mechanical design workflow and save time with this powerful software. To unlock all the capabilities and enjoy uninterrupted access, consider purchasing GstarCAD Mechanical 2023, the leading mechanical drawing software. Elevate your design process and achieve precise and efficient results by investing in this comprehensive solution.


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