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How to Change Imperial Dimensions to Metric Dimensions?

To convert dimension units from imperial to metric, such as changing dimensions displayed in inches to meters, you can achieve this by utilizing the DIMSTYLE.

1. To set the drawing unit to inches, enter Units command

2. Draw a line of 10 in length.

To open Dimension Style Manager, enter DIMSTYLE & click Modify, shown as below,

3. Navigate to the Primary Units tab, and set the scale factor as 25.4 (An inch is approximately 25.4 mm), shown as below,

4. After clicking OK, the dimension will automatically change to 254, as depicted below:

In conclusion, converting imperial dimensions to metric dimensions is a simple process. By adjusting the drawing units and scale factor in DIMSTYLE, you can easily switch from inches to meters, making your drawings more compatible with metric standards.


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