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Simplify Viewport Management with GstarCAD 2024

GstarCAD 2024 has recently been launched, introducing substantial improvements and fresh features. Users can now efficiently manage viewports using VPMIN and VPMAX in GstarCAD 2024.

VPMAX enables users to enlarge existing viewports within layout viewports and seamlessly transition to Model Space for editing, all without disrupting viewports’ scales or limits. Conversely, VPMIN helps users revert a previously maximized layout viewport to its original state. VPMAX

VPMAX enlarges the existing layout viewports to occupy the entire screen while transitioning to Model Space for editing purposes.

To achieve a maximized viewport, you can consider four different methods:

* Enter "VPMAX" command within the Layout Space, and subsequently, select the viewport that you wish to maximize. (When there is only one viewport in the layout, it will automatically maximize without requiring user selection.)

* After selecting a viewport in the Layout Space, execute the VPMAX command.

* Double-click the viewport border in the Layout Space

* Click the "maximize viewport" icon located in the status bar at the bottom of the Layout Space, as shown below,


When using VPMIN, users will exit the maximized state and return to the Layout Space.

There are three ways to quite maximized viewport:

* Enter VPMIN command

* Double-click the blue border, as shown below,

* Click the "minimize viewport" icon located on the status bar within the Layout Space, as indicated below:

In conclusion, in a rapidly evolving world of CAD design, simplifying viewport management is crucial for boosting productivity and efficiency. GstarCAD 2024 offers a powerful solution that streamlines this process, making it easier than ever for designers to focus on what matters most: creating exceptional drawings and designs. Embrace the future of CAD with GstarCAD 2024 and experience a smoother, more intuitive viewport management experience.

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