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GstarCAD Tips & Tricks - 02: GstarCAD Commands

1. How to cycle commands?

As a new or experience CAD user, you might found that GstarCAD has a lot of commands. Not to mention changing the system variables. Some (well, many…) of them have to be activated from command line.

It is very difficult to remember all of them. Even for experienced users. Don’t worry, you can just type first one or two characters, and cycle between those commands!

For example, type two characters like ‘re’ to find out what commands started with them. Then press down arrow, keep pressing for several times. You will see the commands cycling in dynamic input.

2. How to perform transparent commands?

You can use many commands transparently like pan, zoom, setvar, about, help, OSNAP, CAL, color, etc. You can enter them on the command line while another command is active.

To use a command transparently, enter an apostrophe (') before entering the command. After you complete the transparent command, the original command resumes.


Command: L
LINE Specify first point: 'p
>>Press ESC or ENTER to exit, or right-click to display shortcut menu.
Resuming LINE command.
Specify first point:
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