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How to Merge Several Layouts into One with GstarCAD 2024

The "Layoutmerge" command in GstarCAD 2024 combines selected layouts into a unified single layout.

How to access the LAYOUTMERGE command

*Within the GstarCAD Classic workspace, you can locate the "Merge Layout" option by navigating to Express > Layout Tools > Merge Layout, as illustrated below:

* While using 2D Drafting workspace, find Express tab > Layout < Merge Layout, shown as below,

*Alternatively, you can access the "Merge Layout" function by simply entering the command "LAYOUTMERGE," as depicted below:

Once the command is executed, a dialog box titled "LAYOUTMERGE" will appear, enabling users to select the particular layouts they wish to merge, as depicted below:

After selecting the desired layouts for merging, click the "OK" button. Subsequently, you will be prompted to either specify the destination layout or provide a name for the new layout.

When you specify an existing layout as the destination layout and respond with 'Y' to the "Delete unused layouts" prompt, the chosen layouts will be merged into the new layout, and any layouts that are not in use will be deleted.

If you enter a name for the new layout and proceed by clicking "OK," you will be prompted to confirm whether you want to create a new layout. Choosing "Yes" and subsequently entering 'N' when prompted about deleting unused layouts will result in the selected layouts being merged into the new layout, without removing any other existing layouts.

In conclusion, the "Layoutmerge" command in GstarCAD 2024 simplifies the process of merging layouts. It allows users to choose specific layouts for merging, specify a destination layout, and decide whether to delete unused layouts, providing flexibility and efficiency in managing layouts within the software.


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