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Introduction to GstarCAD Express Tool: ATTRIBUTE INCREMENT


The ATTRIBUTE INCREMENT command, often accessible through the keyboard shortcut ATTINC, serves the purpose of defining block attributes accompanied by incremental values or adjusting the attributes' values based on a specified sorting method.

This command notably facilitates the automatic incrementation of values within block attributes holding numerical or alphabetical content. While the ATTINC command is active and the drawing remains open, any numeric or alphabetic content within block attributes undergoes automatic updates during actions such as copying, inserting, or removing block attributes within the drawing.

How to access the GstarCAD Express Tool - ATTRIBUTE INCREMENT?

Users can access this command through two methods:

1. By typing "ATTINC" into the command prompt, as demonstrated in the accompanying image, and subsequently pressing the Enter key to initiate its execution.

2. Home > Block > Attribute Increment, as shown in the following picture,

Get to know the Attribute Increment dialog box

Upon executing the Attribute Increment command, the Attribute Increment dialog box will appear, as depicted in the image below:


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