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GstarCAD Tips & Tricks - 21: Reference objects to file/URL in GstarCAD

How to reference objects to file/URL in GstarCAD ?

In GstarCAD is possible to link an object to another file. So if you needed to see the components specifications or 3D model of a certain component from a drawing, you can add hyperlinks to an object. The hyperlinks can be pointed directly to a manufacturer website, to a word document that contains the installation procedure, or to excel file that contains product specifications as samples.

Adding and Using Hyperlink

Adding a hyperlink is very easy. Activate hyperlink from menu: Insert> Hyperlink, or from ribbon: Insert> Data panel.

GstarCAD will ask you to select object, then you will see this dialog box:

In this example you can add link to specification document in your local computer, or you might want to point it to a file on your server. Or a page on website. Not only website link and local files, you can link to layout or saved view in your model. You can also link to email address. Maybe you want to link a certain item to vendor contact person for maintenance or something. This can be useful for building maintenance purpose.

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